7 Common B2B Ad Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

7 Expensive B2B Ad Mistakes

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Are you a B2B SaaS or Health Tech company making the most of your ad budget? Don’t fall for these common B2B ad mistakes that can cost you thousands in wasted ad spend. Discover the top seven mistakes B2B SaaS companies make when running paid ads and learn the strategies to correct them. From conversion tracking to remarketing, this video guides you through optimizing your paid campaigns for success.

Marketing as a Science Experiment

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Marketing, at its core, is akin to a science experiment where hypotheses are tested against measurable outcomes. In the realm of paid campaigns, the goal is to find the perfect equation where the inputs of creativity and investment yield the desired outputs of customers and revenue.

Customer Acquisition Strategies

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Acquisition strategies come with their own sets of trade-offs. Inbound content creation, for example, may be cost-effective but lacks predictability and can take months to yield results. Ads, on the other hand, offer a more balanced approach with the potential for quick and predictable outcomes. Outbound methods like cold emailing have low costs and high predictability but are generally more suitable for B2B audiences.

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Mistake #1: Multiple Channels at Once

Diving into multiple advertising platforms simultaneously can scatter your focus and resources. The key is to master one channel—be it Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google Ads—before considering expansion. Success on one platform can often be scaled more effectively than mediocre performance across several.

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Mistake #2: Neglecting Conversion Tracking

Before spending a penny, ensure you have your tracking pixels and event tracking in place. These tools are crucial for optimization, enabling you to measure critical actions like purchases and form submissions and to build audiences for remarketing based on user behaviors.

B2B Conversion Tracking Mistakes

Mistake #3: Inadequate Customer Understanding

Many companies understand their customers’ demographics but fail to grasp deeper insights like motivations, problems, and urgency. Truly understanding your customer goes beyond knowing their job title or industry—it’s about knowing their challenges, aspirations, and the triggers that will make them choose your solution.

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Mistake #4: Ignoring Creative and Targeting

Creative and targeting are your secret weapons in the war for attention. Your ads need to stand out in a sea of distractions, requiring scroll-stopping visuals and pinpoint targeting. Avoid broad match keywords and expanded audiences that lead to cheap clicks and low-quality leads.

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Mistake #5: Lack of Remarketing Strategy

Remarketing is where the magic happens. It’s about guiding potential customers through a journey, building trust and authority through targeted follow-ups. By neglecting remarketing, you miss out on the opportunity to engage with users who have already shown interest but haven’t yet converted.

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Mistake #6: Sending Paid Traffic to Homepage

Sending ad traffic to your homepage is a common blunder. Homepages are full of distractions, unlike landing pages, which are designed with a single goal: conversion. Ensure your ads direct users to focused, compelling landing pages that guide them swiftly to the action you want them to take.

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Mistake #7: Not Using a CRM with Paid Ads

A CRM system acts as the backbone of your ad strategy, providing a granular view of leads, deals, and customer acquisition costs. Without it, you’re flying blind, unable to accurately track the return on investment for your campaigns.

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By steering clear of these seven mistakes, you’re setting the stage for an ad campaign that’s not just a shot in the dark but a calculated, strategic move towards growth. Remember, the key to successful advertising isn’t just about spending—it’s about spending smart.


Is it necessary to use all social media platforms for advertising?

No, it’s more effective to master one platform before expanding to others.

How important is conversion tracking for ad campaigns?

Conversion tracking is crucial for optimization and understanding the effectiveness of your ads.

Can I just use demographic information for targeting my ads?

While demographics are helpful, deeper insights into customer motivations and behaviors are essential.

What makes creative content ‘scroll-stopping’?

Creative content that is visually striking, relevant to the target audience, and breaks the pattern of usual content can be considered ‘scroll-stopping’.

Why is remarketing important?

Remarketing allows you to re-engage with users who have shown interest in your product but haven’t converted, increasing the chances of conversion.

Should I direct ad traffic to my homepage?

No, you should direct traffic to a focused landing page designed for conversion.

What is the role of a CRM in ad campaigns?

A CRM helps track leads, deals, and customer acquisition costs, providing valuable insights into the performance of your campaigns

How can I measure the success of my ad campaigns?

Measure success through key performance indicators like conversion rates, cost per acquisition, and return on ad spend (ROAS).

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