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Mighty Orbit: Case Studies - lms - Mighty Orbit
Medical LMS SaaS Nets 41% Demo Boost, Cuts SQL Costs by 36%

A medical device-focused LMS provider sought to amplify its market presence. Faced with an outdated website and scattered marketing, they revamped their approach, centering on demand generation, targeted outbound campaigns, and a fresh website aligned with B2B client needs. 

The strategic shift resulted in a 41% hike in demo conversions and a significant $450,000 uptick in sales opportunities, all while driving down SQL costs by 36%. This pivot not only reinvigorated their lead generation efforts but also established the company as a front-runner in healthcare industry education solutions, showcasing the power of a focused, content-rich marketing strategy.


increase in demo conversion from digital campaigns


In new sales opportunities added


decrease in cost for SQL
Mighty Orbit: Case Studies - medicalsoftware - Mighty Orbit
AI Medical Device Startup Sees 3x MQL Increase, $250K+ Opportunity Growth

A Series C Medical Device company in predictive medicine sought to escalate market awareness and demand for its innovative product. Overcoming the challenge of a fragmented engagement strategy, they introduced a comprehensive CRM system and tailored content that resonated with healthcare professionals. 

This strategic pivot led to a 3x increase in MQLs on LinkedIn and a 29% uplift in MQL to SQO conversion, resulting in over $250K in new opportunities from digital campaigns. By adopting a targeted approach and enriching their sales enablement, the company solidified its position in the healthcare market, translating complex solutions into tangible growth.


increase of MQLS on LinkedIn


Increase in MQL to Opp conversion


In new opportunities from digital campaigns

Mighty Orbit: Case Studies - callcenter - Mighty Orbit
Call Center SaaS Sees 241% ROI, 57% Conversion Growth

A B2B SaaS focused on call center solutions for SMBs revamped its scattered marketing to meet ambitious growth goals. Precision targeting and vertical-specific messaging led to a 57% increase in MQL to SQL conversion rate. Streamlined ad strategies delivered a stellar 241% ROI from digital campaigns. 

In just one quarter, the approach attracted 150 qualified demos, showcasing the power of a focused, data-driven marketing strategy. The company’s newfound efficiency in turning leads into sales conversations has set a benchmark for scalable growth in the competitive SaaS landscape.


ROI from digital campaigns


Increase in MQL to SQL conversion rate


qualified leads generated in 60 days

Mighty Orbit: Case Studies - medical - Mighty Orbit
35% Surge in Leads for Medical Billing SaaS, $375K Pipeline Boost

A medical billing SaaS company, armed with Series A funding, needed to break through stagnant growth and a competitive RCM market. By aligning marketing with sales insights and targeting high-intent keywords, the company revamped its lead gen strategy. Specialized content and ABM campaigns further refined their outreach, supported by a CRM overhaul. 

The results were transformative: qualified leads increased by 350%, and a new sales pipeline worth $375K was generated. Weekly lead volume grew from under five to over 35, driven by a customer-centric approach that turned a struggling pipeline into a growth engine.


in new sales opportunities added in 120 days.


increase qualified lead growth


increase in win rates
Mighty Orbit: Case Studies - ed techtraining - Mighty Orbit
Strategic Pivot Cuts SQL Costs by 51%, Triples Lead Pipeline for EdTech SaaS

An EdTech SaaS platform teetered on losing a vital bank grant, with enrollments plummeting and ad spend soaring. Facing a race against time, a radical marketing transformation was vital. Precision tracking, funnel optimization, and targeted campaigns replaced broad, costly efforts.

The outcome? A 51% cut in SQL costs, a tripled lead pipeline within 90 days, and a 200% increase in campaign quality. This not only secured the grant but set the EdTech provider on a trajectory of sustained growth and data-driven success.


reduction in CaC, from $128 to $63


growth in qualified pipeline in 60 days


Over sales quota from digital campaigns

Mighty Orbit: Case Studies - bootcamp coding - Mighty Orbit
Hybrid Coding Bootcamp Sees 83% Lead Increase, Cost-Efficient Expansion

An EdTech Hybrid Coding Bootcamp battling competitive pressure needed to escape costly paid acquisition traps. Transitioning to high-intent search keywords and engaging B2B partners through targeted outreach, the bootcamp optimized its marketing funnel. 

The strategy overhaul led to a 40% cut in acquisition costs, an 83% rise in qualified leads, a 153% boost in inbound traffic, and a 65% increase in website conversions. Adding 30 new business partners, the bootcamp’s first cohort registrations surpassed targets, paving the way for a nationwide strategy rollout and solidifying a scalable model for continuous growth.


Net new partner logos added in 60 days


Increase in qualified leads


Reduction in CaC

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